About APLS

A Little History:

Current Status:

​We are about 80% of the way to being fully stocked with all the equipment and supplies we need to be full-service. A "Grand Opening" date is not yet set. Please contact us (Contact link below) if you want to keep abreast of the latest happenings here at Atomic Purr.

What does a Motion Picture, Television, and Commercial Soundman with 30 year's experience do when he "retires" from the biz? He starts his own live sound reinforcement company, that's what!

I've been involved in sound one way or another since 1967. It all started when I was messing around with my father's expensive stereo system while listening to Jimi Hendrix and Cream vinyl albums. In those days, stereo was fairly new and individual instruments and vocals were often hard panned to the far left or right. I would turn the Balance Knob, and instruments and vocals would come and go. I was hooked!

I purchased my second stereo system (a "Quadrophonic" system) when I was 14 (I still have it) and would sit in the middle of this incredible sound field (think sitting in the middle of a big action sequence at a quality theater) and was totally impressed. I began learning everything I could about sound in general and here I am, some 50 years later!

I've also been playing guitar just as long (having been in numerous bands over the years) and in the early eighties had the privilege of recording in a very famous recording studio in Manhattan, exposing me to the gear that makes all that possible. Let's just say John Lennon's piano from 'Imagine" was in the same room. I don't jump over sheep when I am falling asleep, I jump over microphones, mixing panels, guitars, amps and home theater systems!

My playing took a long hiatus when I moved to Los Angeles in the mid-eighties where I (almost) immediately  got into the movie business as a soundman. Knowing what I knew about music, sound and recording got me in the door. I'm also a studio projectionist and have run many a feature film in some VERY good sounding rooms.

After 30 years of that, I moved to Arizona and, although I am not quite of retirement age, started "taking it easy". My love of all things sound (including a small personal recording studio) is not letting me rest on my laurels, so I decided to buy a bunch of Live Sound Reinforcement equipment and start my own company. Have Truck (and generator), Will Travel!!