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​We provide and operate portable PA systems ranging from a small 2-speaker setup to a full-blown 16-speaker setup consisting of 4 mains, 4 subs, and 8 monitors which is more than powerful enough to handle any medium sized event. We can handle a 24 piece (or more) band or a 1 microphone event, and of course everything in between. No job is too small. We have several packages in the 8, 16, and 32 channel range. We have a large microphone package and a portable 45 amp generator (if you wanted to have a party in the middle of nowhere for example). We will travel anywhere we are needed and guarantee the highest quality sound available in the portable PA market. We set up, operate and strike the gear with the upmost care for our surroundings and the environment. Our work is guaranteed to exceed your expectations at fair prices. We're also nice guys and gals! Note: We hire sound engineering students from the U of A and Pima County College to assist us!

We do NOT handle VERY large events (stadiums, arenas, etc.) as that is not our mission or focus. You'll have to talk to the "big" guys with the flying rigs for that, but I assure you we have a fully stocked professional package for small to medium sized events: county fairs, weddings, large (or small) parties, kids parties (yes we can mic the scary clown), backyard concerts, bands or groups needing a larger package than they have for that "big" event and any other type of event you can think of Corporate or Personal.

Atomic Purr Live Sound, LLC

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